Silicone Products - Applications of LSR & HCR

Diligence makes the difference

We build tools and equipment for you and fulfil your special requests. That's how you can manufacture dimensionally stable and high quality articles. Products, that have to fulfil special requests.

  • Material of the future.
  • Fulfills highest requirements.
  • Innovative industry solutions.

Diligence makes
the Difference.


Silicone is a material which conforms the highest requests.

The future material for innovative products is used in the medical industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the sanitary- and household industry, in telecommunication, in the automotive industry, in the toy industry, as well as in the energy- and solar industry.






Automotive Industry

Because of its temperature- and chemical resistance, silicone rubber is a universally suitable material in the automotive industry.

Household & Sanitary Industry

Silicone rubber has numerous applications in the household industry such as shower heads, kitchen ware and shavers.

Medical Industry

The medical device industry requires cleanliness of the highest order, manufacturing under clean room conditions and best material properties, medical compatibility and long-term elasticity.

Toy Industry

Especially in the toy industry most important is the flexibility and rebound resilience of the part. Liquid silicone rubber is the material of choice with its unique properties.