Manufacturers of molded parts face new challenges when processing liquid silicone rubber (LSR). They must achieve high part quality while dealing with an increasing variety of LSR types, each with unique processing properties. This demands a high degree of flexibility in system technology.

  • Volumetric flow regulation.
  • Self explanatory user interface.
  • Monitoring and logging of process data.
  • Efficient use of space.
  • Environmentally friendly due to its optimal material utilization and low power consumption.

Diligence makes
the Difference.


Our ACH MAXIMIX 2G offers an innovative dosing system that meets all known requirements at the highest level and provides many benefits for the user.

  • Reliable and highly accurate material feed (1:1).
  • Infinitely variable and precisely measurable color dosage of 0.1 - 10%.
  • Process data can be integrated into the injection molding machine via OPC-UA interface.
  • Space-saving installation option.
  • High cost-effectiveness (residual quantity in the container < 1%).
  • Uninterrupted production during container changeover.
  • Pneumatic drive.

The predictive pumping mechanism prevents pressure fluctuations by avoiding the dead centers of the pistons.

The user interface can be mounted on either the front or side.

The containers can be easily accessed and moved from both the front and sides. Conventional equipment, such as pallet trucks or drum lifters, can be used for this purpose.

ACH MAXIMIX 2G can be easily used with 20L or 200L containers, eliminating the need to purchase a separate pump for smaller containers.


For material trials or small shot weights, we have developed a small pump in addition to the large pump - with its short metering paths, it makes material changes easy and ensures minimal material loss.

Extremely space saving
The pump can also be installed directly on the machine, saving valuable floor space.

Initial sampling
For use in the technical center or for small production runs

Use of high-priced materials
Economical use of expensive LSR grades. Little material is wasted, especially when changing containers or products.

Micro part production
Smallest shot weights can be accurately conveyed and dispensed.

  • Ideal for material testing.
  • Ideal for initial sampling.
  • Can be installed at the injection molding machine.


The Revolution in Precision Metering and Flow Measurement! The new ACH MINIMIX 2G.

  • Volumetric flow control

  • Space saving installation
  • Reliable and highly accurate dispensing and measurement
  • Manufacturing of micro parts
  • Cost saving
  • Dimensions: 480x320x360mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Working pressure up to 90bar
  • Flow rate up to 20g/min


Fluctuations in material properties pose a challenge to the production of articles with a specific hardness.
Strict requirements are placed on the raw material and the manufacturing process in order to meet the tight production tolerances. ACH SHOREMIX 2G can compensate for variations in the raw material and produce a specific Shore hardness. This is achieved by precisely mixing two materials of different hardness.
The material buffers mean that the production process does not have to be interrupted during barrel changes, enabling 24/7 operation and increasing productivity.
The design of the metering pump not only allows the system to be set up in a space-saving manner, but also allows the drum to be changed from any direction.

To create individual degrees of hardness and to compensate for variations in material properties, two ACH MAXIMIX 2G with material A and material B are used.

The ACH SHOREMIX 2G ensures shore hardness.

Eliminates downtime when changing drums. Allows 24/7 operation.


ACH SHOREMIX 2G can be adapted to the available space thanks to the flexible arrangement of the components.



The Processing Unit is a highly versatile, easy-to-maintain component that connects the metering pump to the system.
It consists of several parts that are easily interchangeable using standardized flange connections. These parts are designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled.

Up to six different additives for color and material properties can be connected.

Precise control ensures a constant supply.

Stable process due to pressure relief after dispensing.

To maintain constant set pressure.

Allow easy maintenance.

For homogeneous mixing of components A and B + optional additives.


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