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Your trust is our incentive.

We see us as general contractor responsible for your project and guarantee you a proper complete solution.

Our decade-long experience and the diligence makes the difference.

From the first contact until the delivery and training, all areas work together. That’s how we ensure proper process from the idea until the finished article.

The outstanding teamwork, short ways and all competencies in-house make a project handling possible at highest level.

Since always we loved the challenges that client projects involve and grew with them.

  • Product development.
  • All competencies in-house.
  • General contractor for your project.

Diligence makes
the Difference.



You have the precise imagination and we the know-how and the experience to work close together to professionally push the development process forward.

That way, we find the perfect solution for your request.

Tool making

Tool making is our core competence. 

The defined shapes/molds, that are created in the construction, are manufactured and tested with diligence and precision in our facilities.  We are extremely proud to have all competencies of the tool construction in-house. That way, we can guarantee best possible quality of the center piece of the facility.

Tool making

Werkzeugbau von ACH Solution

Cold runner technology

For both - tool construction and cold runner technology - we focus on diligence and precision. As we manufacture the components by ourselves, we adjust the cold runner exactly to your requirements.

The nozzle technology designed and developed by ACH Solution, process data recording and the self-regulation makes an extra efficient and environment friendly operation possible.

Cold runner



From demolding, over the patented self-regulating ACH SERVOSHOT® 2G and ACH MOLD 4.0 to the labeling, to the separation and to the packaging.

               Thanks to our innovative ACH MOLD 4.0, parts which had been inline printed with a code (DMC) we can easily identify cavities, shots and process data. Inline-tests adapt in the interaction with our ACH SERVOSHOT® 2G full automated material feeding and nozzle settings, for perfect part quality. Through Individual stand-alone test equipment, we make an autonomous part-testing possible, as well as aside the equipment.

   Our specialists of the automation-team master every challenge and ensure you optimized automated processes.

For your economical advantage.

Innovative Dosing technology

Our Innovative dosing technology meets all requirements for a perfect material metering. For every application, we offer a customized solution, so your production runs smoothly. Our dosing pumps offer best material use (remaining quantity in the drum < 1%) at low energy consumption. This does not only save money but also preserves the environment.


Dosing technology

First sampling


The finished tool is installed in one of our dedicated machines for first sampling. As well during that process, accuracy and precision make the difference. Only as soon as the tool Is producing perfect articles which meets all requests, we are confident with the result.

Factory acceptance run, Training & on-site start-up

Together with you and before delivery, we execute an acceptance run of the whole equipment under production requirements. As well after that, we do not leave you alone: We would like to train your team by our educated application technicians, directly at the facility and execute tool trainings together. We also offer the service, that one of our technicians professionally supports you at the start-up.

For US customer, there is a tech center in Florida available. 

Kunde bei der Abnahme einer Turn-Key Anlage


The partnership emerging from the project is very Important for us.

That is why we offer multiple services, to make the optimization and the maintenance as easy as possible for you.

Therefore, we provide for every client In our customer portal all relevant data. This data can be retrieved all the time and worldwide - the ACH service plus.

For US clients, there is a tech center in Florida available. That makes an even better quality in customer service possible. 



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