Innovative dosing technology for liquid silicone rubber

The processing of LSR (liquid silicone rubber) always confronts producers of molded articles with new challenges. On the one hand, it is important to realize a high part quality. On the other hand, the variety of different types of LSR with special processing characteristics increases. Therefore, a high flexibility of the processing equipment is required.

  • Volumetric flow control.
  • Self explanatory user interface.
  • Monitoring and logging of process data.
  • Space-saving.
  • Environmentally friendly by maximum material utilization and saving energy.

Diligence makes
the Difference.


With our ACH MAXIMIX 2G, we offer an innovative dosing system, which accomplishes all known requirements on highest level and unites many pros for the user.

  • Reliable and highly precise dosing and metering (1:1).
  • Permanent color dosing in the range of 0.1 - 10%; exactly measurable quantity.
  • Integration of process data within injection molding machine via OPC-UA interface.
  • Space saving installation.
  • Highly economic (waste < 1%).
  • Continuous production during drum change.
  • Pneumatic drive.

The predictive pump mechanism eliminates pressure drops by avoiding the dead centers of the piston

The user terminal can be mounted at the front or sideways for convenient access.

The drums can be replaced from the front or the sides with standard equipment like drum lifters or fork lifts.

ACH MAXIMIX 2G can be easily switched to use either 20L or 200L drums. An extra dosing pump for small drums is therefore not necessary.


With our brand new ACH MAXIMIX 3G, we offer the most compact solution among the 200L dosing systems on the market with a further improved reduction in the amount of residual material.

  • Smallest installation area on the market (200L dosing systems).
  • Residual material quantity improved again (up to 99.6% material utilization).
  • Automatic detection of the following plate size and the following plate position.
  • Completely renewed pumping unit.
  • 1/3 less LSR in the whole system (compared to the ACH MAXIMIX 2G).
  • All seals (which come into contact with material) in FDA design.
  • Fully automatic barrel change, up to 50% time savings when changing materials compared to the ACH MAXIMIX 2G.
  • Sensor for detecting the LSR in the follower plate (no need for ball valves for venting).
  • Only one follower plate seal per follower plate required.
  • New skid plates in place of the skid strips.
  • Simplified and revised operating system.
  • Optional with transport wheels.


For material trials or small shot weight we have developed a small dosing pump. With short hose length material changes are easy without wasting a lot of material.

Space saving installation.
The pump can be directly installed at the injection molding machine. No extra space is needed. 

First Sampling/Lab trials
Due to it's flexibility it is a perfect addition for technical centers and for first sampling.

High cost materials
Economic production due to reduced waste during material changes. 

Manufacturing of micro parts

Suitable for low shot weight w/o pulsation. Controlled metering of small dosing volumes. 


  • Best for material trials 
  • Perfect for first sampling.
  • Can be installed at the injection molding machine.


The revolution in precise dosing and metering! The new ACH MINIMIX 2G.


  • Volumetric flow control
  • Space saving installation
  • Reliable and highly precise dosing and metering
  • Manufacturing of micro parts
  • Cost saving
  • Dimensions: 480x320x360mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Working pressure up to 90bar
  • Flow rate up to 20g/min


Variations of the raw material properties can make producing parts with a certain shore hardness a difficult task. The raw material and production process is confronted with tough requirements in order to satisfy the tight tolerances that have to be met. With ACH SHOREMIX 2G the material variations can be compensated and individual shore hardnesses be produced. This is achieved by precisely preserving the mixing ratio between two raw materials with different shore hardnesses.
Because of the material buffers the production process is not interrupted during the change of the drums. The efficiency is significantly elevated to a non-stop 24/7-production.
Its flexible design makes it not only possible to arrange the dosing pumps to fit in the available space, but also to exchange the drums from any direction.

For producing parts with individual and precise shore hardnessest two ACH MAXIMIX 2G with material A und material B are used.

The ACH SHOREMIX 2G ensures shore hardness.

For eliminating production interruption because of drum changes. That enables a non-stop 24/7 production.

Perfect utilization of the available space
because of the individual installation possibilities

ACH SHOREMIX 2G can be adopted perfect to the given space conditions because of the flexible installation possibilities of the components.



The processing unit is a very versatile, reliable and easy to maintain component which is connecting the dosing pump with the machine. It consists of several interchangable parts which are connected by standardized flanges. Its design allows for easy assembly or disassembly of components.

Up to six different additives for color and material properties can be attached.

The precise control ensures a constant feed of additives.

The pressure relief after dosing ensures a steady process.

For constant pressure level.

Easy maintenance.

Homogenous mixing of A + B and optional additives.


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