Our innovations

We are confident with our existing solutions.

Our constant urge for improvement is our motivation for the development of new components. Through our research and development, we offer our clients a technical advance, that pays.

  • Self-regulating process.
  • Process data processing.
  • Research and development in our working areas.
  • Mixed reality for easy service and installation.

Diligence makes
the Difference.

Self-optimizing PROcESS with  Patented ACH SERVOSHOT® 2G

The individually electrically adjustable needle valve system for LSR, HTV, organic rubber and thermoplastic.

The electropneumatic valve gate system ACH SERVOSHOT® 2G makes a dynamical, continuous, highly precise adaption of the filling level possible. Additionally it leads to a fast start up and best reproducible quality. With automated quality inspection integrated in the production cell, the system is self-adjusting, which leads to less servicing effort, fewer scrap and improved overall quality. With the WIFI or LAN interface the device is IOT-ready, and its user interface and process data can be accessed via the internet or intranet. Certainly it also has a USB interface as an alternative.

  • Available up to 64 needle valves.
  • Needle stroke accuracy of 2μm.
  • Saving of parameter datasets on setup unit, operating unit and USB .
  • Each cavity / nozzle can be setup independently.
  • Single cavity / nozzle can be switched off.
  • Maintenance-free, patented ACH SERVOSHOT® 2G unit.
  • Flow regulation during operation.
  • User-management system with password protection.
  • Automatic service position for needle valve.
  • Sensor-controlled cavity filling (optional).
  • Automatic flow adjustment through part weight control(optional).

Process data processing with ACH MOLD 4.0

ACH MOLD 4.0 is monitoring and logging all relevant mold process data (pressure, tool temperature, coolant flow, etc.), while the material is processed.

For analytical and optimization purposes, the logged data can be exported via WIFI, LAN or USB interface.

The integrated OPC-interface enables you to integrate the process data in your company internal process control system.

  • Mold process data are saved automatically and can be exchanged via the USB interface. Integration of process data into a process control system with bus system possbile.
  • Mold and material data with lot number.
  • Shot counter.
  • Mold- & cooling water temperature.
  • Air & cooling water pressure.
  • Optimization and control of machine parameters.
  • Calculation of cycle-time.
  • Information of maintenance cycles.
  • Occuring errors are logged and can be bound with automatic actions.
  • Password protected user management.
  • Vacuum monitoring.

instant SERVICE on-site with AUGMENTED REALITY

With our augmented Reality Service we are always "on-site". Routine procedures will be explained step-by-step for easy maintenance. 

With remote assistance, our technicians can provide worldwide support in real time. 

Automated product testing

To guarantee the high quality of the products, they are continuously full automatically tested. 

We are using multiple diferent testing methods. Besides loging the test data we are using them to instantly adjust the system. This self-regulation enables a optimum of productqualität continously.


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