Plastec West 2022

Anaheim, California, April 12-14, 2022

At this year's Plastec West we are exhibiting an automated LSR mold cell. The cell will use ACH Solution's standard 1-drop cold runner system for testing and prototyping. The part is a collapsible pet bowl made from Shin-Etsu KEG 2090/50 self-adhesive material overmolded onto an APEC 1745 polycarbonate liner.

The plastic insert will be automatically placed in the mold using end of arm tooling supplied by ACH Solution and integrated into the ARBURG Multilift robot system. The end of arm tooling will also automatically de-mold the finished product to a conveyor system.

Please visit ACH Solution at Booth #4069 and see the exhibit in the ARBURG Booth #3945.

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