Turnkey project for respirator mask

Conception and implementation of the turnkey production cell for maskbuddyTM , the reusable respirator mask with replaceable filters. This mask ensures eco-friendly and sustainable filtration of finest particles, bacteria and viruses.

2-component-production on highest level

The two parts of the filter case, the valve and valve blocker are produced via injection modling.

The hard parts of the mask are made of polycarbonat. Cussion, valve and valve blocker are made of skin-friendly silicone.

Security is increased by the usage of  ACH SERVOSHOT 2G. Developed by our engineers, the electrically adjustable needle valve system ensures a constant filling of the cavities. The result of the self-regulating process is a continouse high quality of the product.

ACH SERVOSHOT 2G and the mold produces important process data, collected, stored and used for continouse process optimization by  ACH MOLD 4.0.

From the idea to the final product – ACH Solution as turn-key partner in silicone rubber processing.

For more information of the product visit www.maskbuddy.at.

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