Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022

Fischlham, Austria, Mai 20st, 2022

ACH Solution is an exhibitor at the Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022!

We are very happy to open our doors and bring you closer to the exciting world of silicone processing. Come and experience technology up close.

All information is also available on our exhibitor page at

Station 1: The path of silicone
How is silicone formed and where does it actually come from?

Most people use their first silicone product right after birth: the pacifier, for example. But what is silicone? Find out more about the original material of silicone, in which parts of the world the largest mining areas are and how it is processed.

Station 2: Construction
How do ideas become the technologies of tomorrow?

In the beginning there is always a white sheet of paper. In order to create a finished production plant, you first need a construction drawing. But while in the past you had to create everything with a pencil, today there are high-performance computer programs for this. Learn more about the possibilities of the past and compare them to those of today.

Station 3: precision
What do surfaces look like when magnified and how are they measured?

Find out what surfaces look like when greatly enlarged and what researchers can deduce from this. You are also welcome to take everyday objects with you to analyze them at ACH Solution. You will be surprised.

Station 4: toolmaking
Why is an ACH Solution tool not related to a hammer?

Almost every finished plastic part requires a tool for production. But when you think of a tool, most people associate it with a hammer, pliers or a screwdriver. At this station we will show you the difference and you can even assemble a small tool yourself.

Station 5: Injection molding and automation
What can be made from silicone and how is the finished product made?

Explore one of the most modern production facilities for the manufacture of a silicone product and how an elastic and almost indestructible product is created from liquid silicone, which is stored in barrels.

Station 6: Virtual Reality in Industry
What will the work of the future look like and how can modern technologies minimize air traffic?

Imagine you no longer have to drive to the workshop for repairs and can repair your car yourself at home, following the instructions of the mechanic. Find out how tools from ACH Solution can already be maintained with virtual reality glasses without a technician having to travel halfway around the world.

Stage 7: Robotics and Automation?
How can you do precise and fast work with robots and support people in their work?

Are robots still science fiction? After all, many people already have a robotic vacuum cleaner or lawn mower at home. Research the many possibilities and application examples of industrial robots and compete against a robot yourself in an exciting competition.

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